I paint an inner world, which often includes aspects of the outer world. The invisible realm is infinite, so much grander than what we see with our eyes. I paint intuitively, allowing the painting to lead. I follow, applying the medium, responding to each previous decision, happy to be directed. Allowing the subconscious mind to take over is a joyful, meditative experience. The interaction between shape, line, color and space orchestrate the end result. It is a dialogue that is based on listening to my instincts and responding accordingly.

I painted in high school, and took every class offered in The Fine Arts Program at Sandhills Community College. I studied at The Academy of Classical Design in Southern Pines, NC for four years. This education led me to photography, the principles of which have been invaluable for painting.

It was at one of the many classes I took at The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops that I discovered encaustic medium. I fell in love with working with wax. Lisa Pressman encouraged me to try painting with oil and cold wax at one of her encaustic painting workshops. I followed her suggestion and found a new way to create.

Painting is a process of exploration and discovery. It allows me to remain a student and know that I can never predict what will show up in the work. Wonder is an essential element. This quote by Michael Mew says it well: “The meaning of a piece often becomes apparent only in the end. It’s like finding a secret message that you unknowingly sent yourself.”

All proceeds from work sold is donated to charities. By doing this, I feel that I am working on behalf of others. I currently have artwork on permanent display at The Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, N.M. I have shown work in a number of national juried art shows including The Painting Center in New York and the Santa Fe Encaustic Art Center.