If your art is to have integrity, it must come from the inside.”  Brian Rutenberg

My art and life are shaped by an inner world, the larger, more vibrant realm of all possibilities. It is the space that I love to delve into while I paint,  meditate,  imagine, and dream.

I love being in the flow state. It is there that intuition guides my decisions of color, line, shape, form, and texture. It is the place of self-discovery.  This state allows me to explore an inner world. I daydream and conjure all sorts of fantastic places.  Painting in this way allows me to remain a student knowing that I cannot predict or plan what will show up, at the same time filling me with curiosity, excitement, and joy. I intend to capture and share this sense of wonder and joy with the viewer.

The meaning of a piece often becomes apparent only in the end. It’s like finding a secret message that you unknowingly sent yourself.” – Michael Mew



Caroline McKissick Young grew up in Greenville, S.C.  As a child, she loved making art and painted throughout her Christ Church Episcopal School years.  Her pursuit of visual arts in college was curtailed by an art professor. She transferred to Emory University and chose a different field of study. It was not until after graduating from Emory University that she once again began to explore her artistic voice.

During her time at Emory, Caroline pursued her fascination with the brain and how it works, ultimately receiving a B.A. in psychology. In addition to continued academic study of the brain, Caroline subsequently has become a certified hypnotist, a Reiki Master, and a long-time meditation practitioner. Her lifelong exploration of the biology and metaphysics of thought has had a tremendous impact on Caroline’s art.

Despite a disappointing college art experience, Caroline continued to make art on her own, and after moving to Southern Pines, N.C., she decided to give formal art instruction another try. She enrolled in an art class at Sandhills Community College and loved it so much that she took every art class that the college offered. Hungry for more, Caroline began studying with Jeffrey Mims at The Academy of Classical Design.  Mims’ instruction in classical techniques and principles continues to inform how Caroline sees and creates.

After years of the strict study of classical realism, Caroline yearned for a different means of self-expression, which led her to photography. After numerous classes at The Santa Fe Workshops, Caroline began exploring ways to create abstraction in her photography, including the use of encaustic wax. Caroline began exploring encaustic wax media, taking classes with Lisa Pressman, where ultimately her work moved away from photography. Her love of painting with wax medium dominated her work for years. Ultimately, it was Lisa Pressman who encouraged Caroline to paint with oil, as she does today.

Caroline has the heart of an artist, but also of an explorer, following the thread of creativity wherever it leads.